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Project Underwriting Services

Industry data reflect that condos, co-ops, and PUDs represent approximately 10% to 15% of a lender’s total loan volume. Such loans, however, require specific and additional analysis (“Project Review” or “Project Approval”). As a result, some lenders miss out on opportunities to provide their clients with loan solutions as well as risking future client business. Lenders who complete Project Reviews “in-house,” without the requisite expertise, take on risks including the possibility of a repurchase requirement. STARS offers a team of experienced, single focused Project Review Specialists who complete in excess of 15,000 Project Reviews annually.


STARS Project Underwriting provides these benefits

  • Documented support for Project Approval Determination for Loan File
  • Experience in reading complex legal documents
  • Knowledge on when to pursue alternative documentation
  • Experience in dealing with conflicting or inadequate data
  • An ability to explain to the client the need to disclose particular documents in support of the loan


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STARS Project Underwriting Menu

STARS offers a variety of underwriting services, including the ability to procure the required project documentation on behalf of the client. Services include:


  • Full
  • Limited
  • Attached PUD
  • Co-Op


  • DELRAP Review
  • HRAP Review

STARS Persistent Pace

Have confidence that we will proactively work to obtain the required project documentation and ensure a two-day underwriting turnaround time. Knowledge that you will be kept up to date with timely communications regarding your project approval status.

STARS enables you to:

  • Focus on sales and close more loans
  • Utilize our project expertise to better service your clients
  • Gain efficiencies while reducing training costs
  • Effectively complete your loan file with underwriting rationale
    and full documentation
  • Mitigate risk

STARS Industry Influence

STARS experienced leaders are regular participants in project-related meetings with the FHA and the GSEs. We preview guideline updates and discuss potential impact to lenders and service providers.


STARS Project Underwriting Contact Information:

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